Quimsa was left with a great game against Gimnasia

Quimsa was left with a great game against Gimnasia

La Fusión showed character and a lot of personality despite the absences and knew how to turn the game around (they lost by 17) against the Mens hopefully 95 to 88.

Photo: Quimsa press

The rivalry started ineffectively on both sides, De Vaughn in the paint gave Gimnasia the first difference against a local team that woke up Brussino from long distance and a double with a foul from Rolfi to equalize the segment . At the end of the first, Fusion found points with Sansimoni and Vasirani to take a 24-21 lead. A triple by White and a run by Mariani evened things up, but the American champion continued to be fine with triples by Acevedo and Sansimoni in a quarter with good percentages. White, again with his triples, tied the game at 37, but before halftime the foreign duo De Vaughn – White gave Comodoro Rivadavia’s team a 50 to 40 lead.

Gramajo and Cárdenas added to the numbers for Villagrán’s men, while Ramírez Barrios and Gallizzi added for Quimsa. Gimnasia failed to attack and a three-pointer by Ramírez Barrios raised the crowd in the Ciudad stadium, Cárdenas continued to hurt the visit, but Gallizzi, with a dunk, and Rolfi, who was off balance , scored again. A triple and foul by Arese made it 70-63 for the visitors with ten minutes left.

A one-minute burst from seven to three for the Santiago natives put them up just three points. Mens sana did not score and Vasirani’s free kicks gave Quimsa the lead. The epilogue continued stick by stick, a bomb from Toretta made it 81-81 with four minutes on the clock. In the closing, Fusion was more successful with Vasirani and Brussino, but mostly safe in their own field, nullifying Gimnasia who had a three-point action on De Vaughn, but Brussino responded in the same way to ensure the victory of Quimsa by 95 to 88.

Quimsa - Gymnastics
Photo: Quimsa press

The figures:

Fabián Ramirez Barrios was key with 20 points, 14 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 block, in addition to 16 by Juan Brussino and 14 by Fortunato Rolfi, on the other side Gerard De Vaughn added 22. Federico Zezular was absent in Quimsa (injury) and Brandon Robinson (in the United States for personal procedures).

Source: Tycsports

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