Pelicans may try to trade for the league’s biggest, wronged star

New Orleans Pelicans are looking for a professional point guard to lead the franchise in the next NBA season and may try to trade for an unfair star

According to information from the journalist Christian Clarkfrom “”, the New Orleans Pelicans should go after a trade for the shipowners Dejounte Murray or Trae Youngboth from Atlanta Hawks. The expectation is that the team will involve Brandon Ingram in any type of negotiation, but you need to understand what the other team wants. For now, the Louisiana franchise has appeared in some rumors about going after professional point guards, as the management understands that CJ McCollum He’s not a playmaker.

Therefore, the idea of ​​a trade for Murray or Young makes a lot of sense for the team. It is worth mentioning that the Pelicans already have a replacement for Ingram in the event of a negotiation: the winger Trey Murphy, who played his third season for the franchise, averaging 14.8 points, in addition to 4.9 rebounds in 2023/24. In most of the 57 games he played, Murphy came off the bench. But without Ingram in the team, he would earn a starting spot, alongside Zion Williamson.

About that, Herb Jones continues as a shooting guard. But, the team needs an organizer. Hence, Murray or Young. For next season, Ingram will receive $36 million in the final year of his contract. So, the idea would be to involve the player in a trade instead of giving him an extension. Even with a lot of talent, the athlete has been absent from the team over the last three years. Furthermore, his style of play does not fit in with the idea of ​​the board and coaching staff, as he holds the ball too much, while other players like McCollum and Zion have more possession.

If the Pelicans still don’t have a replacement for Jonas Valanciunaswho is a free agent, it is possible that the team will try to trade for Clint Capela, in addition to the shipowners. If it is Young, the total value should be around US$65.3 million. Meanwhile, New Orleans would have to pass on Brandon Ingram and CJ McCollum, as well as draft picks, totaling around $69 million. The possibility exists, as the Hawks must give up one of their two point guards for next season. But if it’s Murray, there’s a problem. This is because the athlete will receive much less in 2024/25: US$25.5 million. So, if Capela is indeed an option, their combined value would be around $48 million. Then, New Orleans would keep McCollum and try to send other pieces, like Larry Nance Jr or something like young people Dyson Daniels It is Jordan Hawkins. In addition to draft picks.

Source: sportbuzz

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