Should Timberwolves consider trading for Karl-Anthony Towns? Understand

Analyst believes that the Minnesota Timberwolves should make a trade involving the franchise’s big star to improve the squad for next season

O Minnesota Timberwolves enjoyed its best season in 20 years during 2023/24, coming very close to making history. Winning 56 matches, he reached the finals of Western Conferencebut ended up being one step away from an unprecedented decision by the NBAeliminated by Dallas Mavericks. So, the way forward is to maintain the squad and try to reinforce the base, right? No! At least, not for the “ESPN” analyst, Stephen A. Smith. The commentator believes that the team needs to consider changing teams again. Karl-Anthony Towns.

“I don’t think Minnesota should make any big changes, but at the same time you need to look at what you can get for Karl. This is not a criticism of his performance in the playoffs, despite his poor shooting against the Dallas Mavericks. One must first think about whether he is an ideal fit with Anthony Edwards. Then, what can yield in assets in a negotiation”, explained the controversial commentator. The argument is based on Wolves’ complicated financial situation. According to the journalist Bobby Marks, also from the North American “ESPN”, the team projects to spend more than US$ 196 million on salary next season, being above the second level of the salary cap, which causes many limitations in negotiations. Furthermore, renewals of Kyle Anderson, Mount Morris It is Jordan McLaughlin have not yet entered the account.

“Karl is very talented and, therefore, can bring a lot of return in a trade. He could help other teams a lot, certainly. Possibly more than as a support for Anthony. The tendency would be to keep the squad and try for another year, but I have to see what would result in a negotiation. In particular, because Minnesota doesn’t have much flexibility for other moves.”added Smith.

Source: sportbuzz

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