Platense beat Obras at home and qualified for the Quarterfinals

Platense beat Obras at the Ciudad de Vicente López stadium in the last game of their series. The match ended 3-2 in favor of Calamar, who qualified for the quarterfinals. After a hot series, only reaching the fifth match, Cholo Vázquez’s team will face Olympic de La Banda.

Brown is in the Quarters!

The match at Vicente López was very close at times, but the venue learned from its mistakes and recovered. In the first half, those led by Cholo Vázquez quickly took the lead with great effectiveness from the range of three points (61%, that is, 14 made out of 23 made). Obras recovered from the advantage that Brown had gained and began to close the distances. However, with an excellent Eric Flor (22 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal) leading Calamar in scoring, Platense was ahead at halftime by the minimum.

The second half was no different, Obras had a good pass at the beginning of the third quarter and they were able to turn the score around. Christopher Clarke (18 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists) was the standout for Tachero and led them to the front. But as I mentioned, Platense learned from their mistakes and recovered, with great authority they put themselves at the top of the scoreboard. The team led by Cholo Vázquez has four players, in addition to Flor, above double digits. Morales reached 20 and was followed by Corbalán and Vázquez with 16, and Barrales with 11.

Platense, after overcoming the advantage obtained in the visit, reached a 16 point difference with Obras, the maximum of the match. The effectiveness was not only in triples, it was also in free throws where they made 94% of their shots (Meaning, 16 were made out of 17 attempts). El Calamar managed to win the series by 13 units with his people and now will face the Olympic.

What’s next for Squid?

After winning the series against Obras, Platense will face Olympic de La Banda. Coming from the Reclassification, Calamar will have to define itself as a guest in the rest of the competition, in the Quarterfinals they will face Negro. But also on their side of the key is the Institute and Regatas who will define a pass to the semifinals as well.

Photo: Platense Press and National Basketball League

Source: Tycsports

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