NBA Luka Doncic was angry with the refereeing of the final

NBA Luka Doncic was angry with the refereeing of the final

The Slovenian continued to suffer in some defining situations and in the run-up to game 4 he exploded against the referees.

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The great sense of the NBA has passed a crucial breaking point. With the Boston Celtics’ 106-99 victory in game three of the grand final, we’ve reached this almost critical point; in which no team in the history of the competition has lifted a series that started 0-3 games. Only 4% made it to game seven, but was only depleted in that game. And they are in that dynamic now the Dallas Mavericks, who are forced to win on Friday night if they don’t want to be swept at home, and see the greens lift the title in their stadium. In the run-up to this decisive match, there were some statements from Luka Doncic, the main star of this series, about refereeing.

And it is true that all eyes are on Slovenian. The perimeter player, who didn’t make it to the finals at his prime, was suffering from pain that hampered him in some parts of the matches. Despite all that, he has managed to shine in the offensive sector, but the real headache comes from the other side of the field. 77’s defense was not his strong point, and the Celtics took advantage of that situation, punishing him with offenses and forcing contacts on his end. So in the third game of the finals, Luka was ejected from the game after committing six infractions, even with plenty of time on the clock. Because of this, Doncic exploded, leaving his team without a key piece in a more than decisive match.

“I don’t want to say anything. But six fouls in an NBA Finals game. It got out of hand. Am I like that? Please, man. We have to be better than that.” That’s what Luka said after being asked about the whistles on him in this game. “We don’t know what to do. They don’t let us play physical because they whistle fouls…”

In the midst of this battle of statements and complaints, a video went viral on social networks where Luka can be seen faking some non-existent fouls in game three. The Slovenian did not suffer any technical fouls for flopping, but it clearly changes the behavior of referees; know the “tricks” of the perimeter. The story will continue this Friday. If Boston wins, they will return to the top after a 16-year drought. Dallas looks to extend the series by winning its first game, forcing a fifth appearance, which will move to TD Garden.

Source: Tycsports

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