Regatas won the match-point in Corrientes

Regatas won the match-point in Corrientes

Regatas defeated Instituto de Córdoba in Contte de Corrientes for the third game in the quarterfinals. El Remero took the match-point 2-1 in the semifinals and they have one more match at home. La Gloria ran from behind the entire match and were no match for Calvi’s team. The scorers were Thomas at home and Hoover for the visit.

The Phantom was first

The match at the ground of Corrientes was all about the locals, who could barely cope with those led by Lucas Victoriano. In Remero there were many mid-distance conversions and good defense that did not allow Instituto to get into the game. Charles Thomas III (19 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 block) was the standout in the Phantom offense and with his scoring, they began to separate themselves from the Gloriosos, who also lacked effectiveness. Regatas led the scoreboard with 15 points.

The second half was worse for the Instituto, as those led by Fernando Calvi knew how to keep the result. La Gloria did not set foot on the court and only one of its players surpassed the ten-point barrier, Nathan Hoover (12 points, 2 rebounds) had the most points of the visit. Los Remeros stretched their advantage over those from Alta Córdoba and reached a 24 unit difference. However, Regatas’ win has 22 points and they are one win away from the semifinals.

How does the series continue?

The series will continue on Sunday, June 16, the fourth match will also be played in Corrientes and the Regatas are all in favor and could advance to the semifinals if it repeats its performance. The Instituto needs to repeat the victory achieved in the second point in the quarterfinals, if it wants to stay alive and return to Córdoba for the fifth confrontation. Will Glory tie or will Rower qualify for the next stage?

Photo: Regatas Press and National Basketball League

Source: Tycsports

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