Instituto defeated Regatas as a visitor and will have the fifth game

Instituto defeated Regatas as a visitor and will have the fifth game

Instituto defeated Regatas in Contte as a guest and tied the series at 2-2 to stay alive in the National League playoffs. In a very tight game full of fouls, Gloria earned its second victory of the postseason and regained the home field loss against Remero. Everything will be decided on Wednesday in La Caldera de Alta Córdoba in the fifth match. The scorers, Jaime at home and Copello on the visit.

Glorious celebration in Corrientes

The fourth match of the series, played in Corrientes, was a great game, perhaps the best of all the playoffs. Constant emotions for both sides, a classification at stake with an atmosphere worthy of a final and it is experienced as a meaning, because it is. Regatas risked its ticket to the semifinals and left the regular season runners-up, while Gloria struggled not to go home early.

The match started with a local advantage, too small to be called an ‘advantage’, but they came out on top. Franco Vieta (21 points, 4 rebounds) pushed Remero in the beginning to fight on the scoreboard. With the local team not doing well, Corrientes number 8 pulled the wagon, although the Instituto reversed the result. Victoriano’s men moved to the front and quickly began to gain considerable distance. But the figure of Jaime appears to reduce it, however, Glory retires in the break up of three units.

The second half had the most emotions, the difference that the glorious team had in the first half, was lost in a good dribbling run. Led by Andrés Jaime (25 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal), Regatas tied the score with several consecutive triples from Santa Fe. But those from Alta Córdoba would not allow themselves to be left in the competition without fighting a little more and in the last quarter Copello came out to make them strong again.

A closure with extra spice

The performance of Nicolás Copello (24 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 recovery) was decisive in the glorious victory as he once again managed to separate his team from the rival. The Santa Fe team were the stars of this game and with a great lead of ten units gained by Victoriano’s command, everything seemed determined. But this will not be the case and the ending will be very tight.

The game went to a lot of fouls, 58 to be exact, and despite the rhythm of the tactics used by Remero to have closing chances, it was a very difficult game because of them. As a result of these violations, there were four ejected players, two on each side and all for five fouls. Those who imposed these penalties were Javier Saiz and Nicola Pomoli at the Institute; and Xavier Carreras with Andrés Jaime at Regatas.

Fernando Calvi’s strategy was just right and he almost gave his team the win. The rowing coach, with less than a minute left on the clock of the final period, imposed a fast-cutting condition with foul and continuous changes. The best defenders come in to defend and the best offensive players come in to attack. Lugarini and Hoover also contributed to the Phantom’s approach, both missing their two free throws. Regatas trailed by two points with ten seconds left, but they cut Vildoza scoreless from the line last night and condemned them to the fifth game.

When and how is the series defined?

The series will have its final point on Wednesday, June 19 at ‘La Caldera’ in Alta Córdoba. The Instituto will look for the semifinals at home after the difficulties that Remero imposed on them along the way, but nothing is certain, as both won in Sandrín. Regatas, sits next to the Milrayitas, regardless of the outcome of their confrontations, as well as the revelations of the tournament. They managed to complicate the two best places of the regular season (Quimsa 1st, Instituto 2nd), with the two worst (Regatas 11th, Peñarol 12th).

Photo: Regatas Press and National Basketball League

Source: Tycsports

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