Athletistic / Basketball. American basketball player “UMMC” Brittney Griner spoke at the trial. She urged not to mix her case with politics.

The athlete was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking. In his luggage upon arrival in Moscow, illegal drugs were found.

“My parents taught me two very important lessons: always take responsibility and always work hard. That’s why I pleaded guilty to the charges against me. I understand them, but I never intended to violate Russian law.

Prosecutors demand 9.5 years in prison for American basketball player Greiner

I would like to apologize to my fans for the mistake I made. I also want to apologize to my parents and my sisters, as well as to my wife. I never wanted to harm anyone or violate the laws of the Russian Federation. I know everyone always talks about me as a political pawn. But I want the politics to stay on the outside,” Greiner said.

Earlier it was reported that Greiner could be traded for Russian Viktor Bout, who is in a US prison.