Athletistic/Basketball. American journalist Jason Whitlock is convinced that the basketball player Brittney Griner, sentenced in Russia, receives special treatment from the American government.

Agent Greiner: ‘Brittney is being used as a political pawn’

“If Greiner was an ordinary white straight girl, we wouldn’t be talking about her being traded for an arms dealer. She will be treated the same as Paul Whelan, who has been in a Russian prison for many years, and nobody extradite murderers and arms dealers.

It is the fact that she is a black woman and also a lesbian that makes us participate in this exchange. I think ordinary people are worried and think that since they are not black or gay, the government will not make a deal for them. Russia knew exactly who it was talking to, because our culture itself places great importance on minorities. Russia wouldn’t have done this 20 years ago,” Whitlock said as quoted by Fox Sports.

Russian basketball player Belyakova supported American Greiner sentenced in Russia