Campazzo’s future in the NBA: when he becomes independent and the teams that can offer him a contract

Denver is left in the Playoffs, the Cordovan point guard will be released in June and there seems to be no indication that he will continue with the Nuggets: what options does he have to continue in the best league in the world?

Ang Denver Nuggets from Facundo Campazzo lost in the first round playoff series NBA in view of Golden State Warriors 4-1, something that set the end of the season for the Colorado franchise. For Cordovan, in addition, This means the end of his bond with the team, although it will formally take place on June 30th. however, What will be the future of the point guard in the best basketball league in the world?

During the series against Golden State and talking to NBA Latin AmericaThe player himself has revealed details of what his future holds, without ruling out a return to Europe, the place where he jumped into the NBA: “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. In the next few years I want to stay in this league as long as I can. What physics and talent give me. See you later. If Real Madrid has always been like my home, it could quietly return, if they like me. Now I am calm, but two months from now I might be nervous“.

Facundo Campazzo

The truth is his continuation in Denver It seems complicated because it’s hardly part of the player base where coach Michael Malone has dealt with most of the season and the Playoffs.. To top it off, the iruption of Bones-Hyland made him lose a minute even in return, so everything seems to indicate that Campazzo needs to find a new home in the NBA.

Facundo Campazzo will be free at Denver Nuggets: the franchises that can search for him

While it is true that no one excludes Denver from offering him a new contract, it is also a fact that the Nuggets tried to swap him last season, but they could not find an offer that would satisfy them. Anyway, Campazzo’s future can be attributed to one of the teams that had him as an option during the transfer deadline.

One of those groups is Los Angeles Lakers, with LeBron James and Anthony Davis as top stars. However, after the removal of Frank Vogel as the coach and the bad season that left the team without the Playoffs, It looks hard for Angelina’s franchise to bet on the Argentine.

Teams want to Cleveland Cavaliers -another with Campazzo in the transfer window- and be Atlanta Hawksexpert site Bleacher Report suggested a replacement for Trae Young: “Campazzo has a history of crossing the line between game and non-sportsman play and this is exactly the kind of annoying physical presence the Hawks could use to complement Young’s less confrontational score.“.

Source: Tycsports

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