NBA: Warriors beat Nuggets to reach Western semifinals

The NBA game had Stephen Curry’s return to the Warriors team, scoring 30 points in a very close confrontation against the Denver Nuggets

The NBA has another team qualified for the Western semifinals! On Wednesday night, the 27th, playing in San Francisco, the Golden State Warriors kicked off the last period of Game 5 against Denver Nuggets being 8 points behind, but the team could count on the return of Stephen Curry to the court, which made all the difference in the final score.

In addition to Curry, Gary Payton II also had no intention of taking it to game six, and therefore, each point guard scored 10 points in the decisive end. Counting on the heat of the crowd present in the gym, the Warriors beat the Nuggets by 102 to 98 and guaranteed their classification for the semis of the NBA.

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The score of 4 to 1 ends the series, and now the team’s next challenge will be against Memphis Grizzlies or Minnesota Timberwolves, for the Western Conference semifinals. Of highlights, Curry ended up scoring 30 points and Payton, already known for being a defense expert, scored 15 in total, the same amount as Klay Thompson.

Already Andrew Wiggins was responsible for scoring 12 points, while Draymond Green made 11 in addition to giving 6 assists. Even with Nikola Jokic suffering from a hamstring injury and five 8:19 fouls to play, the Warrios suffered. The current MVP and with good chances of winning again was with 30 points, with 12 in the last quarter, 19 rebounds and 8 assists.

NBA has Warriors win (Credit: GettyImages)

Thus, the Golden State Warriors are back in the NBA conference semifinals after two years out of the postseason. Stephen Curry came on as a starter in Game 5, unlike the previous four, as he was undergoing physical reconditioning after a foot injury that left him out of action for at least a month.

Back, he was once again decisive for the team’s victory and will again be instrumental in the semifinal match against Grizzlies or Timberwolves. It is also worth remembering that the Warriors do not have a positive record against either team in the regular season, being 1-3 against Memphis and 2-2 against Minnesota.

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