“Last time we let Kursk score 18 ‘free’ goals, but not now,” Mayga, a Moscow national team player, said of the Spartakiad final.

Moscow Team Center Josselina Maiga after the victory over the Kursk region (69:65) in the ½ final of the All-Russian Spartakiad in Moscow, she compared this match to a meeting of the same group rivals. According to the basketball player, who scored 17 points today, the Muscovites played in the hands of an unusually early game, which they played in the quarterfinals (yesterday Moscow and the Komi Republic played each other at 11 a.m.) .

— Moscow and the Kursk region have already met in the Spartakiad — your team lost in the group stage match. What has changed now?

– In the first game, we probably haven’t played yet, we were under pressure after training camp. But now they got into the rhythm, felt their game, improved the details in defense. When they analyzed that defeat in the group, they discovered that they let Kursk score 18 “free” goals. And now they are not, today there were fewer of them, hence the victory.

– Did the opponents’ foul problems help Moscow a lot?

“Of course it was easier. Kursk still plays aggressive basketball. Somewhere it helps, but sometimes, on the contrary, it destroys in terms of listing faults.

– In the quarter-finals, you won a difficult victory over the Komi Republic. Wasn’t there a fear that there wouldn’t be enough energy for another hard-fought game?

– We had a slight advantage – yesterday we played earlier than Kursk, so there was enough time to recover. We managed to regain strength – both moral and physical, – Mayga told .

The Spartakiad women’s basketball tournament will end on Monday at the Basket Hall Sports Palace in Krylatskoye. In the match for 3rd place at 4:30 p.m., the teams of the Kursk and Moscow regions will meet. Moscow and Sverdlovsk region will play the final at 7:00 p.m. Live streams – on our channels and website.

Source : MatchTV

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