FBU: Nikolaev’s threats to withdraw from the Superleague are blackmail and manipulation by Prometheus

FBU accuses the club from Slobozhansky of trying to “buy” other teams and influence the league

Basketball Federation of Ukraine responded to the request MBK Nikolaev with the threat of withdrawing from the draw Superleague. The FBU considers this decision to be blackmail by Prometheus, who promised sponsorship to the people of Nikolaev.

“We state with confidence the fact that this statement once again underlines the bribery and blackmail of this, undoubtedly, original club by the leadership of BC Prometheus. Today we understand that by promising to support the club from Nikolaev and a number of other teams in difficult times, BC Prometheus automatically tried to create a manipulative pool in the amount of almost 50% of Superleague clubs and influence the state of affairs in the Ukrainian championship and basketball in general. This plan did not work because of the clear position of the Executive Committee of the Superleague.”

“To date, Prometheus has not given the promised funds to MBK Nikolaev, but the rhetoric of the club’s appeal from Nikolaev has already changed dramatically and has characteristic signs of manipulation. The appeal speaks not so much about the club’s possible non-participation in the Superleague, but demands to provide Prometheus with all the privileges he desires. It is hard to imagine what the position of the club would be if the team was financed by the oligarchs and placed in Slobozhansky.

At the same time, the FBU does not see clear connections with its position on Prometheus and the promises of the club from Slobozhansky to support MBK Nikolaev. Moreover, the leadership of Prometheus actually “captured” MBK Nikolaev and BC Kryvbas, refusing the promised budget a few days before the deadline for accepting applications for participation in the Super League.

“Based on the foregoing, we believe that the position of MBK Nikolaev is another act of manipulation by Prometheus on the decision of the FBU and clearly emphasizes the desire of this club to influence the league as a whole, putting pressure and blackmail with its money on all participants in the championship.”

Earlier, MBK Nikolaev said that he could miss the new season of the championship of the Ukrainian Basketball Superleague. The club demands to allow Prometheus to compete on general terms, who intended to finance the performance of the Nikolaev team in the championship of Ukraine.

Recall that Prometheus is not going to participate in the championship of the Ukrainian Superleague. The reason for the refusal is an overestimated application fee from the FBU. Instead of 40 thousand hryvnias, the FBU demands 4.5 million from Prometheus.

Source: Sportarena

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