MBK Nikolaev: If Prometheus does not take part in the next Superleague season, then we will miss the tournament

The club from Nikolaev counted on sponsorship from the President Prometheus

MBK Nikolaev said that may miss new season of Ukrainian basketball championship Superleague.

“Involuntarily, Nikolaev turned out to be one of the parties to the recent conflict between Prometheus and the FBU, when the FBU made a statement about Prometheus’ intention to “buy” a number of clubs. For our part, we must explain the following: there was no attempt to “buy” the team by Stroyinvest Engineering and its CEO, Mr. Dubinsky.”

“Realizing the complexity of the situation in Nikolaev and showing respect for the history of our team, Mr. Dubinsky responded to the request of MBK Nikolaev and intended to provide everything necessary for participation in the Super League, including training and accommodation in the Dnieper, given that Nikolaev is in the red zone of combat actions. There was no interference in the work of either the management or the sports department either. It was only about sponsorship.”

“For our part, we must report the following: if this unfortunate situation does not get a resolution and Prometheus does not take part in the next season of the Superleague, MBK Nikolaev, unfortunately, will also be forced, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, to miss the highest status national tournament.”

“For our part, we have done everything possible – the team led by Vitaly Cherniy is complete, but unfortunately it is impossible to find new sponsors in such a short time.”

Recall that Prometheus is not going to participate in the championship of the Ukrainian Superleague. The reason for the refusal is an overestimated application fee from the FBU. Instead of 40 thousand hryvnias, the FBU demands 4.5 million from Prometheus.

Source: Sportarena

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