Perugia is in crisis. Club Coordinating Center: “The situation is due to the wrong choice”

The latest developments in Perugia, with a farewell to sporting director Giannitti and a new turn on the bench with Castori towards a return after a short interregnum led by Baldini, are of great concern to the red and white fans. In fact, the Perugia Club Coordinating Center wanted to express all its disappointment with the period that the team is going through and the events during the season with an official note:

“The last place in the standings and constantly tolerated humiliation are the ingredients of an explosive mixture that the supporters of the Coordination Center cannot accept and therefore openly condemn, at the same time expressing great concern for the developments in this season and for the future. .red and white colors. The current situation, the tactical chaos on the pitch, is nothing but a mirror of the confusion that the Company finds itself in and the result of inadequate choices both last and this season, which have already proven themselves over the years. for some time as a focal point. What is happening right now is nothing more than a bitter fruit to be harvested, and it is as natural as it would have happened sooner or later. – continuation of the press release – Athletes bought on the balance sheet when the season started abundantly, coaches and managers who run away from year to year to other places, not finding a serious and lasting project in Pian di Massiano, the inability to manage the dressing room, disavowing the authority of the Club and some translators’ dismissive attitude towards jerseys and fans highlights the confusion of ideas, improvisation and lack of programming. Even the players are not exempt from the responsibility that they also caused the painful context called for to take us out of the descent into the abyss, working hard and sweating to at least keep the category. Trust, lost not only by a supporter, but by the whole city, a feeling of confusion and contempt now expresses aloofness and coldness, which the Club must pay attention to precisely in order to show with chosen courage that love that says to nurture, providing this territory and these flowers the place and dignity it deserves, as our history teaches.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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