Vovk: Chernihiv set to win every match

The hero of the eighth round in the First League was the striker of Chernihiv Roman Vovk

The hero of the eighth round in the First League of Chernihiv, Roman Vovk, shared his impressions of the victory over Skoruk (2:0), and also spoke about the ambitions of the team.

— Of course, the victory in this nomination is important for me, — admitted Roman Vovk. – I am happy that my goals brought the team an important victory. We deserve these credits. I will work even harder to continue to please with my game in the next matches.

– Probably, you didn’t need to additionally motivate this game, because you met with a direct competitor?

“We don’t need additional motivation. We tune in to each opponent as much as possible and play to win. Skoruk is a principal rival for us.

-You started the game on the bench. From the bench, it was noticeable in which components of the game the team should improve, because the first half went with the advantage of the opponent?

– I started the game in the reserve, because it was such a game plan. Indeed, in the first half we were not able to demonstrate our best football, but during the break the coach found the right words and we were able to win an important victory.

How is Koizhan’s health? How serious is his damage?

– Vyacheslav is fine, he has no health problems. I hope he can play in the next match.

– Already in the first minute of the second half, you opened the scoring. Share your impressions of the second goal scored in the season? Is this speed natural for you?

“It was a very emotional moment for me. It’s nice to score like a pro. My speed is naturally developed, but it takes a lot of work to develop this ability.

– Do you agree that you played your best match against Skoruk, given the game on the defensive?

“We did a lot in this match, but we still have a lot to work on. The main thing is that our team has noticeable progress in the game. I will note the second half performed by Chernigov. I think that this is the best second half for us in the season.

– How difficult was it for the team to play on the score? Did you understand that without the second goal you might not keep the advantage?

– At the end of the match it was not easy for us. The opponent pressed, but we all survived. Achieved results due to a single team and faith in their own strength.

– In the 86th minute, you received a pass from Romanchenko and again burst into the penalty area at speed and sent the ball into the net. What did you feel at that moment?

– I realized that we will not give up the victory. I was overwhelmed with positive emotions, because it’s not every day that you mark a double. However, they did not give up until the final whistle.

– Previously, at a professional level, were you marked with a double or is this the first time?

– I haven’t scored two goals in a game before, but I hope this is not my last double this season.

– Can the victory over Skoruk be called strategically important for your team, given the standings and the mood for the future?

– We won an important victory over a principal rival. This victory gave us positive emotions. We are preparing for the next match in a good mood.

– In general, what are the ambitions of Chernihiv in the current championship?

– Chernihiv strives to win every match. If we can show our best football, then the result will come.

— What are your expectations from the match against Gornyak-Sport, which pulled out a draw in the derby last weekend?

– There are no passing rivals in the First League. All teams are well-prepared, so each game should be played as the last battle. We want to win our debut home victory.

Hero of the 8th round of the First League. Illustration pfl.ua


  • Born in Chernihiv
  • Pupil – FC Yunost Chernihiv
  • First coach – Vorona Valery Nikifirovich
  • Favorite player – Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Favorite team – Manchester United
  • Football dream? Trying to play for my favorite team

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