Avellino, Tito: “Awkward situation, now is a difficult time”

According to Tuttoavellinohe said so Fabio Tito after defeatAvellino against Viterbez. “It’s hard for me to stay here, the situation is worrying and embarrassing. The coach passed on his affection for the T-shirt to us in two days. The fault is ours, the field says, and at this point he says that the situation is worrying. .analyze the game a bit, the mistakes are ours, my first and foremost is that I’m here today. Maybe with a win we can get out of it, and I hope it will come as soon as possible. I’m very sorry for Mr. Biancolino, who tried to give us everything, and for the fans who, as always, follow us. It’s also right that there is an argument, because at this point it’s really hard. How was Taurino’s release learned? It was out of the blue on Monday he informed us that he had been released and left. Biancolino gave us his love for this shirt. But there is regret, unfortunately, this is not an easy moment.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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