SPAL, De Rossi: “A commendable team, all things considered. I will have time to return to Rome.”

Daniele De RossiSPAL technician, analyzes at microphones Mediaset narrow loss to Genoa: “I don’t know if the team showed my character, I saw a commendable team that gave everything. There are a lot of things that I need to fix, but from a human and professional point of view, they give me hope because commitment never fails.”

Sorry for the missed cross with Roma?

“I’m sorry I lost, we have very clear goals starting from Saturday. We have to work on ourselves, I will have time to return to Rome on one bench or another.”

What didn’t you like?

“We made a lot of mistakes from a technical point of view, I have to help them improve by taking care of them. We didn’t have much time, they did everything I asked them to. We knew that Genoa would press us hard and we tried to dribble, I liked the attitude in the second half, the guys in 2002 were against very strong forwards and I’m happy with those who came. We need to improve the last 30 meters, but the road is the right one.”

What moment are you at?

“I found SPAL good, they had a great coach, but we ask for different things. The process started a few days ago, obviously there is a lot of work to be done. If there is no heart, we will not succeed, and they put it on every day. This is a highly organized club, it’s a crime that he is in Serie B. Now it’s up to me, because the material is there.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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