Carrarese, Dal Canto: “One-way race, mistakes cost us dearly”

Statements by the Carrarese coach at the end of the lost match against Imolese Alessandro Dal Canto: “The race is one way, except for the first quarter of an hour, when we were a little confused. In fact it was a monologue on our part, too many unused chances and the usual gaps in the phase without possession of the ball, which in the slightest hesitation, they cost us dearly. There are too many defeats to have important ambitions. We lost 2 games that are impossible to lose given the performances on offer, and I mean the games with Alessandria and Imolese, but if it happened there is always a reason. I think we just don’t play games with the ambition to win them at any cost. We tell ourselves this in the pre-match intentions, in the dressing room, but it does not reflect on the content on the field. We’re trying to play and see what’s going on and it’s clear that we don’t have the killer instinct to either kill games or freeze them when they need to be controlled. In the end, we often see quite enough, but anything can happen against us, this, in general, is not typical of winning teams. Until the next meeting with Reggiana, but no matter who we face, it’s not a problem. Apart from Gubbio, we have lost 3 games to teams that will not fight for victory, so any consideration of this issue leaves the time it finds. We will definitely have a tough race on Monday, we will think about it from tomorrow morning.”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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