Newcastle manager responds to Klopp over club’s lack of spending cap

Newcastle head coach Eddie Howe rejected the Liverpool manager’s request Jurgen Klopp that the “forty”, owned by a consortium of Saudi Arabia, has no restrictions on spending.

Klopp has previously said Liverpool cannot compete with Man City, Newcastle or Paris Saint-Germain as all three clubs are funded by the oil-rich Gulf states.

“We have big plans and we want to visit places with big ambitions. But I have explained here every week what financial fair play is.

We are not living the life they talk about, we are living in a completely different reality. Our payroll account is very controlled. We try to do everything in a very stable and controlled way. Although we spent money on the players, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary or out of step with the rest of the Premier League. Everyone should be careful with their comments and opinions,” Howe said.

Newcastle’s spending over the past year has been unofficially estimated at around £220million.

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Source : MatchTV

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