“The football ecosystem is becoming unsustainable” – Superleague Developers

Super League CEO, German businessman Bernd Reichart, said European football was “becoming unsustainable” under the current system.

“European football needs an open and honest dialogue about its future. Football faces problems that will not solve themselves.

European football is losing its undisputed leadership in world sport. European club football does not realize its potential without delivering the best sport on the world stage week after week. Young viewers are increasingly turning to other entertainment alternatives.

Football can improve, clubs must be able to dialogue and have the right to propose new alternatives, without threats, sanctions or expulsions from competitions, as has happened in the past. The football ecosystem is becoming unsustainable,” Reichart quoted AFP as saying.

Three clubs – Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus – continue to fight for the introduction of the Super League.

Source : MatchTV

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