Ângelo vents about criticism at Santos and sends a strong message

Revealed in the youth categories, Ângelo has been highly demanded by fans, but showed tranquility to establish himself in the professional

After scoring an important goal, the forward angelo alleviated the criticism he had been receiving from fans of the saints. At just 17 years old, the young player has always been very demanding and has experienced ups and downs in the team. However, Vila’s promise proved ready to take on the responsibility of being one of the highlights of the squad.

In an interview with the website “GE”, the boy from Santos vented against the negative comments he has always received since he debuted with Peixe. However, Ângelo acknowledged that the fluctuations that exist on the field are normal for a 17-year-old player. In his view, the time is to evolve mentally to firm up once and for all.

What changes the most is the mental part. You prepare more, focus more on goals. Because I’m a kid, sometimes I have that way of just wanting to play, wanting to enjoy the moment even more. I’m living a dream. It’s the club of my heart, where I’ve always wanted to play. I try to enjoy it to the fullest“, began Angelo.

But I think I’ve improved that mental part a lot. To focus, play a little more, enjoy more responsibly. What I have improved is the mental part. A matter of technique, tactics, it’s a matter of maturing over time. Can’t run over my processes, be a perfect player overnight“, vented the Santos striker.

Ângelo continues to seek space among Santos’ starting lineup (Credit: Ivan Storti / Santos FC / Flickr)

Asked about the pressure of confirming himself as a gem, Ângelo admitted that he felt it from the fans at times and tried to skip steps. However, the Santos striker was mature as he recognized that he was eager to showcase his skills and understood that he had to work patiently to succeed.

All the coaches always gave me that peace of mind. To just have fun and enjoy the moment that it is to play for the Santos professional. That mental part, which is very important. I went up too early. We get anxious to want to show everything at once, but we don’t have to. Everything in its time. Today I feel much lighter, much more“, completed the jewel of the Fish.

Source: sportbuzz

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