Cruzeiro has three expulsions and is defeated by Guarani

Cruzeiro and Guarani faced each other last Tuesday, 18th, and Bugre ended up getting the better of their rivals from Minas Gerais; The game was marred by controversy

cruise and Guarani faced each other for Brazilian Serie B last Tuesday, 18th, and the one who got the best in the match that took place at Mineirão stadium ended up being Bugre. The team took advantage of Raposa’s emotional temper during the confrontation and knew how to exploit the chance it had to win the match by the score of 1 to 0 and remain in the second division of the Brazilian championship.

However, the game between the two teams was marked by a great emotional imbalance on the part of Cruzeiro. In the first half, Raposa had two players sent off. The first was Daniel Jr and, in the sequence, it ended up being Filipe Machado. The last one came out disgusted with the VAR booth and started punching it in front of some CBF members. In the second half, Edu was the one who got involved in a fight and got the red card.

With the ball rolling, Cruzeiro didn’t do well, and Guarani knew how to explore the spaces they had to become the most dangerous team in the game. It is important to note that Bugre ended up with two more players during most of the match and imposed some pressure on the current champion of the Brasileirão series B. Even so, Rafael Cabral secured the 0-0 in the first half.

But the scenario changed in the final step. Cruzeiro continued unbalanced and Isaque took advantage of a great pass and touched the rival goalkeeper’s exit to make it 1-0 to Guarani. After the ball hit the net, Edu got angry with two players from Bugre, who kicked the flag from a corner. The striker created a big fuss and got the red card.

Guarani got the victory against Cruzeiro after a controversial match in the B series (Credit: Staff Images/ Cruzeiro/ Flickr)

Thus, Cruzeiro got the third consecutive defeat in this edition of the B series of the Brasileirão and also lost an unbeaten run of 17 matches acting as home team. The victory ended up being fundamental for Guarani. After making a championship focused on the fight against relegation, Bugre finally guaranteed its permanence in the second division for 2023.

Source: sportbuzz

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