Top and Flop Pontedera-Recanatese

Match between Pontedera As well as rekanatsky played this afternoon at the Ettore Mannucci Stadium, valid for the 9th day of Group B of the third series: final result 0-0. The score at the end of 90 minutes was the best way to photograph the course of a very ugly and boring race, characterized by many technical errors on both sides. Therefore, the opportunities created by grenade launchers and red-whites can hardly be counted on the fingers of one hand. The wards of Giovanni Pagliari, who practically did not risk anything, were relieved, pushing the home team to their own half of the field, without building much. A big disappointment in the Tuscan house due to the really disappointing performance of the Canzi unit, which at times lacked determination and character and got confused during the phase of building the maneuver. The news confirmed 3-4-1-2 for the hosts, to which the guests responded with a 4-4-2 deployment, both technicians realized a fairly solid turnover. At the beginning of the second episode, doubtful in the area between Marco Somma and Pacciardi, the referee allowed to continue. Pontedera searches for gaps ahead with phrasing, but the only one who created superiority is Ladinetti, but as soon as the attacking grenade launchers showed up to the limit, they stopped, being mesmerized by the guests’ rearguard. As time goes by, Recanates builds up courage by playing some twists: since the last episode, Sbuffo makes Siano react instinctively. A brighter race is expected in the second half, but that expectation remains bitterly disappointed as the opposition continues to slide into mediocrity. Pontedera becomes dangerous when Nicastro’s head is tilted a little to the side, until the guests go beyond potential unrealized opportunities. Here are the best and worst moments of the match:

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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