Parisi, from D in the spotlight: “I got hit a lot. And in Italy, 2000 is always young.”

Primavera Benevento, then D with Avellino and a long climb in the category. bowler from Fabiano Parisi, drove home from Empoli, walked quickly, but it was a climb, full of fatigue and sweat. He talks about it among other topics during a lengthy interview for “There are a lot of young people, even in the lower leagues, especially in the south, where the monitors go to pick them up and find them. In apprenticeship, you make bones D and C, in B the quality goes up, and in A the level is high. D and C I’ve taken a lot of hits… These are championships in physical education, great duels. Among the amateurs, I got into the Lazio group by winning the Avellino-Lanusei playoffs in the latter: the fields are difficult, it’s hard, it’s hard to play football.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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