Real Madrid: Florentino Pérez reveals old proposal for Neymar

Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez says the club offered 45 million euros for Neymar at the time. André Cury disagrees on value

Florentino Pérezpresident of Real Madridtestified in court this Tuesday, 18, on account of the DIS case in the Spanish court, which involves the transfer of Neymar of saints for the barcelona. He confirmed, on the morning of this Tuesday, 18, that the Spanish club made an official proposal for the player in 2011, for the amount of 45 million euros.

André Cury, who was working for Barcelona at the time, told a version that diverges from what Pérez stated. According to the businessman, the amounts that Real were willing to pay for Neymar would reach around 150 million euros. “In July 2013, Real Madrid offered around 150 or 160 million euros. Real paid Neymar much more.” reported.

However, the Spanish press claims that Cury took the total cost of the operation as a reference in this deposition. The transfer would involve payment to Santos, Neymar’s salary, the commission for the player’s father and manager and a fine of 40 million euros, which would have to be paid to Barca for terminating the pre-agreement with the Brazilian.

Florentino Pérez, during his testimony, said that he did not participate directly in the hiring attempt. “I knew about the interest in Real Madrid’s sporting direction. I did not participate in any negotiations. In 2011, Real Madrid made an offer to Santos for Neymar. I think it was 45 million euros. It is the only offer in the Real Madrid archives.” reports the club president.

Neymar sues over his transfer to Barcelona (Credit: Getty Images)

In addition to revealing Real Madrid’s values ​​and desire for Neymar, André Cury reported that other major European clubs, such as Manchester City and Bayern Munchen, wanted to go through the hiring of Barcelona. “We had a signed contract. But that could be broken. It’s like a check that you never know if you have funds,” said the businessman.

Source: sportbuzz

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