Imolese, Antonioli: “Incredible victory, several penalties”

The ninth day of Serie C in Group B began with Imolese’s home win over Carrarez. This is the Rossoblue coach exam at the end of the game. Mauro Antonioli: “Of course it’s a win of the heart, the guys were fantastic. It was a game full of episodes, it was an incredible win, sensational in the way the game was played, but I think there is a bit of justice at the end. The last few times we have been penalized by referee decisions, we have collected what we deserve. We are young, many did not fall into the category, we are adding. Today, despite being sent off, we stayed in the game, suffered, and in the end we were rewarded, perhaps more properly, but we deserved it. It’s three heavyweight points, Carrarese has very strong strikers, I have to say good to all the guys. Now we will play with a free mint, with the knowledge that this should be our penalty power saved Molla, he is a promising guy. He did very well in Pordenone, we rely on him. I like to keep the team on track, the values ​​are pretty even: today I changed November and the players compared to Cesena. As far as possible, I try to get everyone to play. The absence of De Feo will be very difficult, because he acts as a link between departments and helps us in managing the ball. Before the removal, he also had good chances, he is a principled player for us. Sorry deductions, try to adapt. It doesn’t surprise me that I see every day in training, an incredible group has been created, and they all feel like the main characters. Today was the emblem of who we are at this moment. We released, scored goals, De Sarlo gives us a lot in certain situations. Unfortunately, some goals from him were canceled in the first games, and a couple of them were questionable.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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