Boyko: I would have known that I would get injured, of course I would have played differently

Goalkeeper Dynamo will begin the recovery process in 2-3 weeks

Goalkeeper Dynamo Denis Boyko spoke about the episode in which he was seriously injured. The Kiev goalkeeper also shared the expected recovery time.

“Now you can say whatever you want about this. Of course it could [сыграть в том эпизоде иначе]. If I had known that after landing I would get injured, of course, I would have played differently. There were many options: it was possible to transfer the ball over the crossbar and earn a corner. I tried to catch the ball to keep it for the team, and I succeeded, but it was destined that I got injured in that episode. There is what we have now, we need to move on, gain strength and recover. Take two steps back, then three – forward.

“Yes, I came out for the second half, but when my knee began to fill up, I asked for a replacement. In principle, I could have played further, but since the score was only 1:0 in our favor, I did not risk the team result. If at some point I could not help the guys, this could affect the result.

A full recovery period will begin, probably, in 2-3 weeks. The first stage will take place in Barcelona, ​​where I had the operation, under the supervision of the doctor who operated on me, as well as local physiotherapists and rehabilitation specialists. After the stitches are removed, I will begin a full-fledged stage of recovery and rehabilitation.

“All this will take six months. Doctors disagree, naming a period of five to seven months. You can recover in three months, but the ligament must grow, and this is a physiological process, which, according to experts, requires at least six months.

Boyko was injured in the match of the 6th round of the UPL against Rukh (3:0). At a consultation in Spain, the goalkeeper was diagnosed with a cruciate ligament injury.

Dynamo is in eighth place in the Premier League. The next match between Kiev and Vorskla is scheduled for October 23.

Source: Sportarena

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