“This game happens once every twenty years. At Zenit, everything took off! – the defender “Orenburg” on the defeat with the score 0:8

Bosnian defenderOrenburg » Renato Gojkovic in an interview with , he told how the team emotionally suffered a crushing defeat in an away game with Zenit a month ago.

In September, “Orenburg” suffered a major defeat against “blue-white-blue” in St. Petersburg with the score 0:8 in the ninth round of the MIR RPL. Now Marcel Lichka’s side are ninth in the table with 18 points.

– Despite the good start of Orenburg, but with major defeats of Spartak and Lokomotiv, a game is definitely out of the ordinary. We are talking about the defeat with a score of 0:8 for Zenit. What happened to you?

– It is very difficult to answer. But look at the stats: Zenit only managed 10 shots on target and scored eight! Everything flew. This game happens once every twenty years! We were unlucky, we received this blow. For me, to be honest, this is not an indicator of our qualities. It just happened like that.

– How does the team live after such a defeat? What to say after the game?

“I can tell you how I got it. After the match, I went to the hotel to rest. I talked on the phone with friends, with family. By then I had already forgotten about the game. Why should I think every day about how my team lost 0:8? We must forget as soon as possible. Yes, this match went down in history: it was definitely Zenit’s biggest victory in the Russian championships (laughs). In three days we had to play against Rostov in the Russian Cup. If we thought, we would have missed the same amount of Rostov. Whether you lose or win, it doesn’t matter, you have to move on.

– After the game against Zenit, the media started to say that the defeat could cost Orenburg head coach Marcel Lichka his job. Has the team discussed it?

“After the match in the locker room, we lowered our heads. The coach himself couldn’t believe what happened. He said that we had to forget this game. I don’t know what the club’s management thought of it, but in the two years I’ve been here, I won’t say anything bad about the coach. He is a very professional specialist.

In the FONBET Cup of Russia, the Orenburgs have two defeats and one draw, on October 19 the team will have a home meeting with Akhmat within the framework of the tournament.

Lichka has been in charge of Orenburg since 2020. Gojkovic has been performing in Russia since September 2020.

Read the full version of Renato Gojkovic’s interview tomorrow morning on the website

Source : MatchTV

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