Manchester United’s punishment for Cristiano Ronaldo after leaving the team in the middle of a match

The gunner is not living his best days in England. In the red devils store, they reported that he would not be part of the next call. Everything indicates that his future is far from the British club, so the winter market will be the decisive moment.

Cristiano Ronaldo is still in the eye of the storm. The Gunners’ season was a season to forget. Two goals in 17 games and more than one fight with his coach, Erik ten Hag. This time, the controversy arises because the Portuguese He went to the dressing room before the end of the game between Manchester United and Tottenham realizing that the strategist had no intention of giving him minutes.

Once the game was over, the DT assured that he would ‘take care of’ the Portuguese’s situation. “I saw him, but I didn’t speak to him. I don’t pay attention to that. I will take care of the problem tomorrow,” he said on Wednesday. The reaction came quickly. On the morning of this Thursday, the English club published a brief but striking press release.

“The 37-year-old striker will not be in the squad for Saturday’s Premier League game against Chelsea. The rest of the squad will train as normal for this match.” , reads the writing of the Red Devils. Just 34 words to exclude one of your idols from the next payday.

Cristiano Ronaldo warms up with the substitutes ahead of the duel between Manchester United and Tottenham. Photo: AP Photo/Dave Thompson

A few days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 700th club goal and it seems that he has regained confidence and importance within the team. However, this new mess, which adds to a long history in the current course, distances him more than he already was from the Dutch coach, who has criticized the actions of the striker in the past.

To explain the replacement of the former Real Madrid, who had returned to hugs, Erik ten Hag argued that: “I wanted to use him as a weapon in the final minutes. I think Marcus Rashford was what we needed for this game, someone to break the lines.”

The former defender added that ownership of CR7 the day before, it was not because of his merits, but because of the absence of his partner. “Rashford had been sick last week, otherwise he would have started last Sunday as well.” Shooting.

Without going into details, Manchester United have announced that the Portuguese will not be part of the squad that will travel to Chelsea on Saturday. The duel is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. in Chile, at Stamford Bridge in London.

How far from Old Trafford

The abandonment is repetitive. During the British team’s pre-season, the striker left the stadium before the end of the friendly match against Rayo Vallecano. Around this time, he also received a public reprimand from his coach.

According to what happened on the old continent, Cristiano Ronaldo will once again request his departure from Old Trafford. The winter transfer market will be an opportunity for the historic Champions League striker, who was unable to leave the ship of the Red Devil the season begins. All this will happen later Qatar World Cup where the level displayed by the Portuguese can be decisive when it comes to having interested castings.

Cristiano Ronaldo complains to the referee in the duel between Manchester United and Newcastle. Photo: REUTERS/David Klein

Of course, some already rule it out. A few days ago, Diego Pablo Simeone, manager of Atlético de Madrid, spoke about the rumors that linked the history of Real Madrid to the institution he leads. “He is an absolute reference for Madrid. Sometimes people speak to say what they want to say, not reality. The little birds said anything far from what happened. I wouldn’t see Palermo or Riquelme playing at River or Ortega at Boca. There are situations that are very clear,” the Argentine said.

The mattress strategist He assures that a possible negotiation with the former Sporting of Lisbon would generate resentment in the fanatic with white hair. “In the summer, a fan shouted at me: ‘Be careful, the Champions League is not at all costs.’ I liked the sentence , because it is a very healthy reflection. It reflects how I felt at that time, beyond not denying Ronaldo’s story.”

Even, at some point, the name of the striker was put in the orbit of Olympique de Marseille, where he plays. Alexis Sanchez . However, it was the same president of the French entity, Pablo Longoria, who dismissed him last August. “We are a team that manages with the means at our disposal. Cristiano is not for us”, condemned the manager, in conversation with beINSports.

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