The European Football Super League returns to the fray: open format and planned start in 2024

Bernd Reichart, CEO of the company that will carry out the competition, gave several interviews where he told the details and the plans that the project has after the door slammed last year. Install meritocracy as the main element and invite UEFA to dialogue.

The most controversial football project of recent times seems to continue to try to dominate the planet. Far from having been diminished by the 2021 slam, the European Football Super League is resuming its ambitious plan, now led by Bernd Reichart, CEO of A22, the company which now owns the rights to the competition.

The professional linked to the media world began his tenure at the head of the project with interviews in various European media to promote the name of a competition that seemed to be over. In fact, it was one of the first points he discussed with El Larguero de la Cadena Ser.The Super League is alive and well, there are some who want to declare it dead but if they say it a lot, beware. There are clubs in Europe who surely share the vision of Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona and they now have the opportunity to contribute what they think. Reichart commented.

Likewise, the businessman clarified that the competition will be open on this occasion, taking a step back from the most criticized intention of the Super League last year: to create a competition only for big clubs. “We want to create a system that allows clubs to grow, thanks to sporting merits. Open system with possibilities to dream and to do it well and by sporting merit to aspire to everything. Not a closed competition, it will be by meritocracy “, he added.

In the same vein, he mentioned that this change of mind is due to the fact that the tournament will be born based on the conversation between the players. “The design of the format must ultimately be the result of a dialogue, but we do not have a predefined format. The dialogue we offer is real so I don’t want to speculate how it will definitely be. Sporting Merit will be applied to all members of this Super League “, he claimed.

Moreover, in the interview with the Spanish media, the manager touched on two more points. Firstly he criticized the new format of the Champions League, dismissing that it is a good measure for the group stage to increase and secondly he was honest in saying that the new competition should take place in the middle of the week so as not to not complicate the local leagues.

The 24-25 season a possible start

Reichart also spoke to the Financial Times and Reuters, giving hints about when the competition will start for 2024-25 and reaffirming the concept of a clean slate to complete the tournament.

Start in 2024-25? It’s reasonable, I’m optimistic “, replied the CEO when asked about the date on which this new project will finally see the light of day, stressing that this event comes to upset the current conception of sport. “The current situation in European club football is marked by several challenges, which will not resolve themselves. The presidents of real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona and the Juventus recently shared their views on the issues facing the sport. I think they are asking the right questions and personally I would like to hear many different voices so that the European football community can find the right answers together. The sport we all love will benefit from an honest and open dialogue, without restrictions, on a better future through profound reform. “, he added.

Finally, he concluded with a reflection on the current moment of the project and the work being done on its foundations. “I believe in an active and thorough dialogue to create a sustainable sporting model for European football. We want to reach out to stakeholders in the European football community and expand that vision. Even fans will have a lot of sympathy for the idea. It’s a blank page. The format will never be an obstacle. There is a reassessment of the project. There is a clearly stated move towards an open format and permanent off-the-table membership “, he concluded.

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