Albino Leffe-Arzignano Valchiampo, official circuits: two technicians bring many surprises

In a few moments, sparks will appear at the “Zanica Stadium”, where AlbinoLeffe As well as Arsignano they will run into each other. In the meantime, official formations have been released and there are many surprises. Biava confirms the usual 3-5-2 formation, but there are differences from the usual one: Pagno between the posts, in front of him (on the right) Saltarelli, Milesi, Ntube. The news starts with midfield with Gusu on the right surrounded by Giorgione, on his return from 1 ‘, with Francesco Gelli in the center, while Brentan preferred Piccoli and Tomaselli usually on the left. In attack, like striker Manconi, there will be Corey, then preferred by Cocco, who has been little convinced lately. Big surprises are on Arsignano’s side in Bianchini’s 4-3-1-2 formation with goalkeeper Sayo, ahead of him (right) are Davi, Molnar, Piana and Cariolato; three midfields with Casini in the middle of Barba and Bordeaux. Ahead will be Tardivo to cover the return of the Tremolada-Fyda duo. We will see what these elections entail.

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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