Brazil national team lights up alert after injury scares

After scares with injured players in recent days, the Brazilian team commission plans the next steps to prevent further injuries

With scares from minor injuries in some of the players observed by Titus, the Selection is already moving towards precautions so that no athlete is left out of the World Cup for being injured. This week there were three scares, with richarlison, Bremer and Lucas Paquetáwhich should recover in time, but already cause the warning signal to light up.

Bremer felt a problem in his left thigh during a game of Juventus and, after examinations, an injury was found that the recovery will take place in just 20 days. In England, Richarlison also felt pain during a game of tottenhambut in the calf, and the forecast for recovery is just two weeks, while Paquetá felt pain in the collarbone and despite having been out of the next game, he doesn’t worry.

At the moment, the entire physical staff of Tite’s commission has contact with the medical departments of clubs that have players analyzed by the coach, which are four per position. Fábio Mahseredjianphysical trainer, and Guilherme Passosphysiologist, feed a spreadsheet with the minutes played per match of each of the athletes.

The idea is that the selection doctor, Rodrigo Lasmartravel with the assistant César Sampaio in the coming weeks, to have a more special contact with the players and more details about the current physical level of each one. This will happen even before the final call, which takes place on November 7th.

Rodrigo Lasmar is the doctor of the Brazilian national team / Credits: Getty Images

The biggest concerns are on account of players who play in the Champions League or Europa League this season, who will have appointments every weekend and midweek until the presentation for the Cup, on the 14th. Therefore, the idea is to keep in touch with both the clubs, as well as with the athletes, trying to prevent injuries at this moment, a month before the World Cup.

Source: sportbuzz

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