Brother Kokorin: “Kanchelskis is a downed pilot. In the eyes, he says one thing, and when necessary, he changes his point of view.

Kirill Kokorin reacted to the words of the former Russian national team player Andrei Kanchelskis to your brother Alexandra Kokorina .

Earlier, Kanchelskis said that ‘Kokorin’s level is FNL’ and that he ‘wasted his whole career because of money’.

“What should I tell you about Kanchelskis?” He himself knows everything. I don’t really like it when such people talk like that,” quotes RB Sport Kokorin.

– When you spoke live, did he only say positive words about Alexander?

– Yes, he says one thing in the eyes, and when necessary, he changes his point of view. I have no relationship with him and cannot be. He is older than me and should set an example for the youth, but in the end it turns out differently. Is this a normal example for young people? I do not think so.

Are you disrespecting him now?

– Provocative question. I just decided to give my opinion, because it excites me when people don’t see the beam with their own eyes. We haven’t discussed it with Sasha. Kanchelskis is a downed pilot, why talk about him. I didn’t remember him for five years until he spoke like that. He fulfilled his task – he remembered himself.

“If you meet again, what will you say to him?

No, why do I need it? If you run after everyone like that and prove something, there will be no life.

Currently, 31-year-old Kokorin represents Cypriot Aris on loan from Italian Fiorentina. Because of his 3 goals and one assist in 6 national league matches.

RB Sports

Source : MatchTV

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