“Carrascal did not play with Torpedo for medical reasons. There is no educational moment” – Fedotov

Head Coach CSKA Vladimir Fedotov explained why during the Russian Cup match FONBET against “Torpedo” the midfielder did not participate Jorge Carrascal .

On Wednesday, CSKA lost to Torpedo at home with the score 0:1.

The short summary is defeat. Out of the blue got a penalty. It seemed like everything was there, but there was no end in the final phase of the attack, we couldn’t finish the episode. There is no precision in the passes, in the strikes. I think we can fix it. I can’t blame the team, we tried, but we didn’t have enough precision. I attribute this to the fact that they did not recover. Maybe it’s a question of psychology.

– How do you judge Ushakov’s performance?

– Thank God Yegor has returned and we see that he is in quite a good condition. I must admit that I was happy. He played useful, much sharpened, served, completed. Could score. I appreciate his performance. A combat unit that was not enough to compete on the flank.

Why didn’t Carrascal play?

– For medical reasons. The joint is remembered when he was charged. In the episode that caused all the fuss. Three days later we have a game, let him recover. For the same reason, Willian was not there, he is being treated. He is a man, a fighter, eager to play, but who could not recover.

– It’s not a conflict, as many thought? So it’s not a pedagogical moment?

– No, football must be educated. What kind of educational measures – to deprive a footballer of his favorite profession? Fedotov said at a press conference.

After four games, CSKA is in first place in the group (9 points), Torpedo is in third place (6 points).

Source : MatchTV

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