In preparation for the World Cup, Thiago Silva impresses with his good form

The defender of the Brazilian national team and Chelsea, takes care of endocrinologist and nutritionist Dr. Douglas Tigre, also known for changing the shape of other celebrities.

Keeping the focus on the European Championship, but with an eye on the World Cup 2022the defender of the Brazilian team and the Chelsea, Thiago Silva maintains its performance and impresses with its good shape. Whenever he is in Rio de Janeiro, he takes the opportunity to look for the doctor Dr. Douglas Tigerendocrinologist and nutritionist responsible for its shape and great physical conditioning.

The player, who at 38 years old wants to keep playing at a high level even longer, has the support of Tigre, for at least four years, coordinating and defining all the supplementation adopted by the player, which now aims not only to Premier League and Champions Leaguebut also the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year.

The latter, by the way, is one of Thiago’s biggest concerns, as the preparation time for the games will be much shorter than usual. Preparing for his third World Cup, the centre-back was used to having more training time before his debut.

“The fact that we have little preparation time, I say from the moment we are going to get together, we will have eight days until the premiere. So, we know how difficult this is. In the others, we had a month of preparation and now a week at most. I told them that the responsibility is ours, to do a good pre-season, each one in their clubs, so that in September we could return well physically, technically and mentally to reach a growing in the world.”even stated the player in a recent interview.

Thiago Silva prepares for the World Cup with Dr. Douglas Tigre (Credit: Reproduction/Instagram)

On social media, Dr. Douglas Tigre recorded the moment of the consultation, even praising the results of his patient. “Goal hit. Let another challenge come. Idol!”wrote the professional, responsible for also changing the shape of other celebrities such as Rafaelle Santos, Neymar’s sister, for example.

Source: sportbuzz

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