The Russian football champion at the “Zenith” admitted that he wants to play at the “Gazprom-Arena”

Russian football champion in St. Petersburg “Zenith » Vera Simanovskaya admitted that she would like to play in the Gazprom Arena men’s team stadium.

– Let’s see if we play or not (laughs). Such an opportunity, in principle, has appeared since the founding of the Women’s Zenith. The way they approach their business, it was already understood that sooner or later we could play at Gazprom Arena. Then, everything depended on the quality of our game and our evolution in the championship. If you are performing in such a stage, then you have to show some level of compliance. It would be great if we managed to play at Gazprom Arena this year,” Simanovskaya said in an interview with Sport Day by Day.

Gazprom Arena was commissioned in 2016. Playing in the new stadium, Zenit players became four-time champions of Russia.

The women’s team “Zenith” plays at the “Change” stadium.

“Day to Day Sports”

Source : MatchTV

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