Veres efficiency, Dynamo failure. Each point in the Premier League cost the residents of Rovno 350 thousand euros, the people of Kiev – 12 million

We also note the successful work of two Kharkov Metalworkers

Eight rounds have been played in the Ukrainian Championship in the Premier League. True, for a number of reasons, the main of which is the war unleashed by Russia against our country, only four clubs played all eight matches. Two teams – Dynamo and Alexandria – have six matches each. Drawing far-reaching conclusions with such input and at such a distance is not the best option, but certain trends can be assessed. For example, find out how much each team scored at the start of the season cost.

As a basis, we took the cost of the squads of UPL clubs according to Transfermarkt. According to these data, Minay’s roster is the least valued – just over four million euros. The highest cost of the squad is at Dynamo, 110 million. In second place with a staff of 80 million is Shakhtar, in third is Dnipro-1. The other two, already former participants of European competitions from Ukraine – Vorskla and Zorya – are on the fourth and fifth positions in this indicator. It should be noted that only in this five the cost of the trains exceeded 10 million euros.

Of course, it is wrong to evaluate the work of these five only by the UPL – the line-ups were also selected with the calculation of performances in Europe, but, as they say, you cannot erase words from a song. And here, Zorya stands out against the general background: each of the 13 points scored cost the Luhansk club less than a million euros – 0.91 million. Dnepr-1 was a little behind: the Kuchera team “paid” 1.25 million euros for each point scored. Vorskla has one point worth 1.78 million euros. Shakhtar each point in the championship cost 4.2 million euros. But Dynamo has a disaster – each of the nine points scored cost the white and blue more than 12 million euros.

This is almost 40 times more than the most effective start club of the current championship, Veres, “spent” on one point. Each point cost the Rivne team only 350 thousand euros: 14 points with the cost of the composition of 4.9 million.

Veres Metallist was not far behind: the Kharkiv club “paid” 0.36 million euros for one point. Minay closes the top three: 0.45 million euros for each point scored.

How much did the clubs UPL cost each point scored in the championship
Team The cost of the composition (million euros) Points scored Average cost of one point (million euros)
Veres 4.9 fourteen 0.35
metalworker 4.63 13 0.36
minai 4.05 9 0.45
Metalworker 1925 5.55 9 0.62
roc 4.9 7 0.7
Alexandria 9.53 13 0.73
Ear 9.2 eleven 0.84
Lviv 4.4 5 0.88
Dawn 11.9 13 0.91
Dnepr-1 23.85 19 1.25
Ingulets 5.58 four 1.4
Vorskla 12.45 7 1.78
Kryvbas 6.78 3 2.26
Chernomorets 6.65 2 3.32
Miner 80.3 19 4.2
Dynamo 110.1 9 12.2

Bogdan Gryschuk

Source: Sportarena

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