Flamengo: David Luiz makes exciting revelations about Rodinei

Flamengo saw David Luiz create a great professional bond with Rodinei, and the defender spoke of the suffering that the side went through until the title of the Copa do Brasil

David Luiz gave an emotional speech about the recovery of wheeled at the Flamengo. The defender, after winning the title of Brazil’s Cup, opened the game in relation to the professional growth of the side with the red-black shirt. The experienced defender, in an interview for “Globo Esporte”, revealed a series of factors that made his teammate evolve as an athlete.

According to David Luiz, when he arrived at Gávea, the defender realized that Rodinei was an “orphan” inside and outside the club. The defender identified great potential in the side and stressed that he was the first to try to rebuild the side and bring him back to the Rio squad. In this way, the defender revealed that the two made a deal in early 2022.

Since when I arrived, I had the opportunity to hear stories that touched me personally. Rodinei is one of them. A guy that everyone loves, with a giant heart. That I arrived here and saw an orphan, in the sense that “good thing is for us, bad thing is you alone”. I don’t just talk inside the club, I talk about everything“, he stated.

David Luiz said that both created a strong friendship in Flamengo: “I said to him: “Rodi, I’m having the opportunity to meet you, I’m seeing a player with enormous potential, which maybe I haven’t seen in some of the big clubs I’ve played abroad. But you’re a long way from being a professional.” And I told him: “I’m here to help you“.

Rodinei is one of Flamengo’s main names in the season and won the support of David Luiz (Credit: GettyImages)

We created this professional bond. I said: “Starting tomorrow, we arrive at the club at 7:30”. And it was the first change he had at the beginning of the year. Then he faltered, took a tumble. That’s when I said that this way we wouldn’t work anymore. Then he went home with a dog face coming back and said: “That’s what I want, I saw that with work things happen“, followed.

In addition, David Luiz made a series of compliments that go beyond the football presented by Rodinei: “He is one of the people who taught me the most how beautiful life is in a simpler way. This title crowned this vision I have of life today, much sharper than a guy who lived through countless things here. Often bad things that were his fault, yes, that he should have been otherwise. But often overdone, yeah“.

It is worth remembering that the Rio de Janeiro team had already been champions in other editions, such as 1990, 2006 and 2013. With the victory over Corinthians, Flamengo won the national competition again after nine years. Now, he is the third biggest winner next to Palmeiras. Timão also sought the fourth national championship.

Source: sportbuzz

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