Avellino, the epilogue is clearer than ever: are you only paying the coach right? Messina, that’s really a lot…

Today’s editorial that inevitably begins with a focus on Avellino. It slammed so hard that it started to rain. As expected, Mr. Taurino pays for everyone. The decision was in the air almost from day one, confirming the fact that we, unfortunately, were right when we convinced ourselves over the summer that we needed a coach with experience, demanding, passionate and full of pressure. Of course, Taurino is a serious and prepared professional, but since his retirement, it has been felt that the bench is staggering, and part of the environment is skeptical. Of course, for the sake of logic and consistency, sporting director Enzo De Vito (mea culpa at this morning’s press conference) should also be rehabilitated, which is a bit like what happened at Sampdoria after Giampaolo’s farewell. After all, it was the sports director who created the staff, which, with the exception of Aya, Casarini, Franco and Dall’Oglio and a few others, definitely does not have the depth that is characteristic of a square like green and white. could be deserved. The one component that can now fail after years of unconditional support at home and away. And playing cold and deserted feverfew would be a factor not to be overlooked. The owner should be more specific and ask everyone questions, instead he gave management a mandate to select a new coach. Rastelli is back, we’re wondering if the return horse bet might be right. The field will speak. What is certain is that at this stage it would be better to continue working with Carmine Gautieri, who inherited a difficult situation and in any case passed on his personality to the team. Instead, there was another twist in the name of a project that had already been abandoned in mid-October. The president now has two options: invest in January to hit the playoffs for big, or lay the groundwork to build a battleship that aims for a straight jump next season. Personally, I would prefer the second hypothesis.

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