Athletistic / Soccer. Today, October 22, as part of the 14th round of the RPL in Voronezh, a meeting will take place between the local Fakel and Rostov. The match is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. Moscow time, don’t miss it!

Athletistic will broadcast the text of the match live online: RPL. Torch – Rostov. Direct

Today, we expect a confrontation between the teams at the top of the ranking and those at the bottom. Rostov is doing well this season, taking a high fourth place and only a point behind second. Fakel, on the contrary, goes down low, taking 14th place. Two points separate Voronezh from the coveted and life-saving 12th place. I think it’s easy to guess that both teams will play to win today because its price is incredibly high. There will be a real battle.

We will not dwell long on the history of personal confrontations. Fakel has spent quite a bit of time outside of Russian football’s top flight, which is why he couldn’t cross paths with Rostov in the league. The last official meeting of these teams was recorded in 2012 as part of the Russian Cup. Then regulation time ended in a goalless draw and Rostov won on penalties. A lot has changed since that time, so it’s still not worth looking back on this game.

Despite Fakel’s not so good situation in the league, today’s hosts haven’t lost the last five matches. True, among all this, Voronezh has only one victory to its credit. Yes, there was a draw with Zenit, but Fakel also shared points with Khimki and Torpedo. And they are direct competitors for survival. At “Rostov” everything is smoother. If we dismiss the defeat of Zenit, then only 1: 2 of the Urals attracts attention. Otherwise, Karpin’s team is playing stable and very well. It will be an interesting match. We wish good luck to both teams. And may the strongest win!

RPL. Torch – Rostov. Direct

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