From Mágico González to Cristiano Ronaldo: These are the most memorable tantrums in European football

The Portuguese’s surprise walk to the locker room, while Manchester United were playing with Tottenham, went around the world. However, the Old Continent is full of episodes like this, controversial, controversial and featuring great cracks in world football. Here a small selection.

The image has gone around the world: Cristiano Ronaldo gets up from the Manchester United bench and heads straight for the locker room, while there are still a few minutes left finish the game against Tottenham at Old Trafford. An anger ? Until then, no one knew exactly what had happened.

A few hours later heThe English press reportedly reveals that the Portuguese was upset when manager Erik Ten Hag wanted to bring him in to play saves against Antonio Conte’s side. . A request the star took for disrespect, so he not only refused to enter, but also went to the locker room, disavowing the Dutchman in front of everyone.

Although the episode ended with a light punishment for the Portuguese crack and a meaningful speech posted on Instagram, it also served major European media, such as Spanish newspaper Marca, to celebrate with the episode and remember tantrums of great players from the Old Continent.

For example, the attitude Gareth Bale when he was not called up for the Real Madrid duels: the Welshman went to the stadium to watch the matches, but he always left before the final whistle, which was interpreted as a lack of commitment to his teammates.

yes what he did Bernd Schuster in the final of the 1986 European Cup (current champions) it was more commented on. At that time, the German was Barcelona’s star and was replaced in the 85th minute by a defender. Something that the midfielder did not understand and which caused his immediate departure from the stadium, to go by taxi to a hotel. Results? Barca couldn’t break even in injury time and fell on penalties to Steaua Bucharest.

Samuel Eto’o did the same in the 2006 Super Cup final, when he was substituted at half-time. The Cameroonian packed up his things, left Camp Nou and failed to show up for the award ceremony, despite Barcelona managing to retain the trophy.

Another who also wanted to disappear from the map was Míchel, a talented merengues player. In June 1989, tired of Madrid fans screwing him up every time he touched the ball, he went to the locker room before the end of the first half under the astonished gaze of those present at the duel against Espanyol. Then they tried to hide the outburst saying the Spaniard was injured but the truth is he just didn’t want to keep playing.

eden of danger
Eden Hazard went to eat burgers when he was substituted in a game for his team.

Who also did not want to stay in the sports arena was Eden danger, when he was replaced – at 60 minutes – in a match between his team, Belgium, and Turkey. In reality, The striker went straight to the locker room and then ate burgers with his family. “I made a mistake”, he will say later. He was suspended for two games.

Then come the rebellions of those footballers who did not show up for training because they wanted to change clubs or demand more holidays, but undoubtedly the most emblematic case was led by Jorge “Mágico” González. The greatest figure in Salvadoran football did not show up to train in Cádiz, in the late eighties, because he learned that there was a strike and assured that he believed that he was also to join the strike.

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