Budkovsky, Galata, Tsyutsyura, Sidorov and the most unexpected hero: the entire team of the 12th round of the First League

Budkovsky, Galata, Tsyutsyura, Sidorov and the most unexpected hero: the entire team of the 12th round of the First League

Sport Arena names the symbolic team of the next round of the First League of the 2022/23 season.

Game program of the 12th round (video report here)

Group A Group B
Friday, November 11 Friday, November 11
Epicenter – Karpaty (Lviv) – 1:0 Metallurg – Skoruk – 1:0
Saturday, November 12 Flint – SK Poltava – 4:3
Niva (Ternopil) – FSK Mariupol – 1:1 Saturday, November 12
Sunday, November 13 Obolon – Gornyak-Sport – 0:0
Dinaz – Prykarpattya – 2:2 LNZ – ​​FC Chernihiv – 2:2
Bukovina – Polissya – 1:2

About the best personalities and the main figures of the tour – here.

Goalkeeper – Maxim Kovalenko (Gornyak-Sport)

Obolon competed for leadership in the group, so in the match with an outsider, she threw great forces at the gates of Gornyak-Sport. But the goalkeeper of the guests parried all six shots on target, and also confidently played with direct executions and filings of numerous standards. Kovalenko, who was invited by the Pitmen from Metalist 1925, makes surprisingly fruitful use of his business trip to the First League, having kept a clean sheet for the second time this season against a fairly strong Obolon.

  • Best in Group “A”: Sergey Chernobay (Epicenter)

Right back – Nikolay Sirash (FC Chernihiv)

Sirash started the match higher on the flank – over Shumil, after a series of substitutions he dropped to the more usual place of the right full-back. However, throughout the entire Cherkassy match, Nikolai actively participated in FC Chernihiv’s combinations, joined the attacks well and scored the second goal into the LNZ goal himself, focusing on rebounds the fastest. The loudest sensation in Group B is just the bold, effective performance of the “tigers” in Cherkasy.

  • Best in Group “A”: Vladislav Krystin (Epicenter)

Central defender – Sergey Basov (Metallurg)

Skoruk has a good set of experienced attacking players, and the tournament situation motivated the nominal guests so much that there was no doubt that the Zaporozhye defense would stand the real test. At the same time, the defense led by Basov, who during this match managed to play in conjunction with Veklyak and Palyukh, worked well and did not allow the opponents to reveal their full potential (only two shots out of nine on target, and those were not decisive). Sergey worked traditionally hard on the attack, in particular, after one of his long passes, Sidorov scored the only goal in the match.

  • Best in Group “A”: Ivan Mamrosenko (FSK Mariupol)

Central defender – Andrey Zin (Niva)

Difficult match for the Ternopils, because in the first half they prevailed and could remove all questions, and by the end of the match they lost control over the game. Our laureate is not to blame for this: it was Zin who, after one of the standards, not without the help of a rebound, opened the scoring, and then successfully played reliably in his own half of the field. In a scoring situation, the opponents are not to blame.

  • Best in Group “B”: Artem Terekhov (Obolon)

Left back – Evgeny Shevchenko (Epicenter)

The second victory over Lviv in the season is even more difficult than the first one (away). And the main role in this match was played by left-back Shevchenko. Traditionally dangerous in playing along and protracted flank attacks, with the new scheme he gets even more freedom of action than he uses. It was Evgeniy who closed Krystin’s cross with a header in the fall, scoring the winning goal into the Karpaty gates.

  • Best in Group “B”: Davronbek Azizov (Flint)

Central midfielder – Andrey Storchous (LNZ Cherkasy)

The match with FC Chernihiv turned out to be one of the most difficult of the season for LNZ Cherkasy. However, the coaching staff managed to make the necessary changes, which led to a strong-willed draw in the home match against the Tigers. A pupil of the Cherkasy football Storchous came to the end of the match with the task to revive the game and improve combinational actions in the middle of the field and in the opponent’s half, which he did brilliantly. It was Andrey who earned and converted the 11-meter shot using sports tricks, which saved the favorites from defeat and helped them qualify for the championship round ahead of schedule.

  • Best in Group “A”: Yaroslav Bogunov (Dinaz)

Right attacking midfielder Vladislav Klimenko (Dinaz)

Only for the second time this season, this 19-year-old winger appeared in the starting lineup, and with his game he thanked the coaching staff for their trust. In the match against Prykarpattya, Klymenko managed to mark two effective actions: immediately after the break, he gave an assist to Koreshkov, who equalized the score, and later he converted the goalkeeper himself after a subtle pass from Bogunov. You should have seen how Vladislav left the defender behind on a deceitful feint and dealt with the goalkeeper!

  • Best in Group “B”: Simon Galoyan (Flint)

Under attackers Denis Galata (Flint)

As a distracted striker, Galata creates a constant threat to the opponents’ goal and attacks with such a wide front that he constantly supports Vivdic from the depth of the field. The regional derby with SK Poltava brought seven goals, two of them were scored by Denis from the passes of Galoyan and Falkovsky. He could still score, he was a constant participant in sharp penetrating attacks.

  • Best in Group “B”: Dmitry Shcherbak (SC Poltava)

Left attacking midfielder Basil Tsyutsyura (Prykarpattya)

We cannot fail to mention one of the brightest players of the tour – the attacking midfielder of Ivano-Frankivsk Tsyutsyuru. Vasily himself shot at Dinaz’s goal several times, but in the Vyshgorod region he scored best in playing along. It was he who stretched the ball across the left flank, with a cunning pass connecting Rudyuk to the attack (Orinchak corrected his finishing blow right on the line), and later Tsyutsyura also assisted Barchuk. Roman scored a pass from Vasily from the third in the match. A draw 2:2 away would have been impossible without constant attacking work.

  • Best in Group “B”: Dmitry Kulik (FC Chernihiv)

Forward – Alexey Sidorov (Metallurg)

Keeping Sidorov turned out to be an impossible task for Skoruk. Active, ready to start on any transfer, Alexei had at least four scoring chances at the Left Bank stadium. It was he who opened the scoring, skillfully using a long pass from Basov. Later, after the filing of the Falcon, hit the crossbar. More than once after the passes of Belotserkovets, Shalfeev, Sparrow could score Sidorov. From the point of view of the work of the striker, he outplayed his counterparts.

  • Best in Group “A”: Daniil Litovchenko (FSK Mariupol)

Forward – Philip Budkovsky (Polesie)

Two goals in a match – in their own net and in the wrong – that’s how Budkovsky performed in Chernivtsi. It was he who cut a corner from Chepurnenko into his own net (beautiful, by the way, it turned out to be a goal). However, immediately after the break after the aggravation from Gritsuk, it was Philip who dropped the ball with his chest under the blow of the active Vakula (equalized the score). Having a lot of chances, constantly entering the fight at the gates of others, Budkovsky five times punched through the gates of Chernivtsi. He scored after a free kick from Gritsuk, boldly fighting for the ball with the goalkeeper.

  • Best in Group “B”: Alexander Vivdich (Flint)
Team of the 12th round of the First League. Illustration pfl.ua
Sergiy Nagornyak, photo fckarpaty.org.ua
Tour coach – Sergey Nagornyak (Epicenter)

For the second time in the season, Nagornyak’s wards outplayed the Karpaty, and this victory over the Lviv team allowed Epicenter to qualify for the championship round ahead of schedule. During the time that has passed since the sensational victory in Lvov, the Kamenchans have made profound changes in the tactical formation and personnel selection of the starting lineup. In the last month, Epicenter has successfully applied the game format with three central defenders, alternating 3-4-2-1, 5-4-1, 3-5-2 formations, depending not only on the opponent, but even on game challenges right during the match . In addition, young players continue to progress, who are increasingly used by the coaching staff for serious time periods.

Analysis from the All-Ukrainian Association of Football Coaches – here.

Vasil Gritsuk, photo t.me/fcpolissya
Joker of the tour – Vasily Gritsuk (Polesye)

Having such players on the bench is a luxury, but Zhytomyr can afford it. As part of the planned rotation, Polesie conducts experiments in the starting lineup, so sometimes even the most status players become “jokers”. Gritsuk in Chernivtsi helped the leader to win the first strong-willed victory: he took part in the first scoring combination and executed a free kick, after which the winning goal took place.

SportArena.com stats: 11 league games, 4 goals, 3 assists.

Oleksiy Sidorov, photo mfcmetalurg.com
The best young player of the tour – Alexey Sidorov (Metallurg)

He already has enough talent and experience to play at the level of the First League in the class. In the duel with Skoruk, the 21-year-old Sidorov had at least four opportunities to score, and the victory for the Zaporozhians was brought by his early goal after a long pass and a quick exit to the goalkeeper Osadchuk (by the way, also with Metallurg’s school).

SportArena.com stats: 11 league matches, 6 goals.

Goal of the tour – Evgeny Shevchenko (Epicenter → Karpaty)

In the reporting round, goals are like from a cornucopia, and even draw matches are not boring, but spectacular. We had plenty to choose from, and the nomination was given to a headbutt. Rare case, right? We quote the report: “The epicenter carried out an exemplary ambulance attack through the right flank. Kristin, alternately playing with Grigorashchuk and Gluschuk, crossed, and Shevchenko’s left-back ran in from the depth of the field and sent the ball into the goal with a strong header in the fall – 1:0. The second goal with three assists from Eugene.

The goal can be seen on video from 1:11

Hero of the 12th round of the First League. Illustration pfl.ua
The hero of the tour is Vladislav Klimenko (Dinaz)

Read later on our website an interview with a player who scored himself and assisted Koreshkov in the match against Prykarpattya.

SportArena.com stats: 7 league matches, 2 goals, 1 assist.

* * *

ALL THE BEST ON THE TOUR: goalkeeper, joker, young player, goalscorer – in one article. On our website – individual nominations in the First League and the numbers of the tour!

PS In preparing the material, photographs of the official websites of the clubs were used. The material is written by the author in Ukrainian.

Source: Sportarena

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