Three and a half tons of meat that had to pass through a religious filter: the unusual cargo that Argentina takes to Qatar

Three and a half tons of meat that had to pass through a religious filter: the unusual cargo that Argentina takes to Qatar

The delegations are not only concerned with the football aspects. Besides the infrastructure and implementation for the job, other aspects require special attention. In the Trans-Andean diet, meat is essential. However, not everyone can be consumed in a country with strict customs.

Meat and Argentines go hand in hand. In the Trans-Andean country, protein consumption is part of the culture. From roasting to multiple preparations. The team led by Lionel Scaloni and coached by Lionel Messi are no exception and this is reflected in the large shipment they have taken to Qatar, the venue for the World Cup: no less than three thousand five hundred kilos of the product . That is three and a half tons, which will be used to feed the entire delegation.

If this is already a particularity, the other is given by a particular requirement. The Asian country, for a matter of religious origin, cannot enter any meat. The one who is consumed must respect in his production process a series of requirements related to the exercise of faith .

In Qatar, Argentina will consume Halal meat . What is Halal meat? The literal translation indicates that it is a legal product . Alexis El Sayer, director of the Islamic Center, explains to TyC Sports the conditions to be met to classify meat as such. Its business is precisely certification in this sense. “Attesting and ensuring that religious regulations for products requiring certification have been met “, he tells the Argentine media.

The Argentinian team celebrate during the Qualifiers (Photo: AFP)


For Muslims, the consumption of pork, alcohol and its derivatives is prohibited . Also that of meat found dead and blood-based products . The list includes narcotics and plants that can be used in dangerous ways.

In this scenario, The Sayer must issue a certificate which guarantees that the products which will be introduced into Muslim countries comply with the regulations . The guarantee also includes the sanitary aspect.

That it is a live animal, transferred from a certain place at the factory, that it has had the necessary rest required by Senasa and that there has been no mistreatment of the animal . Death is given by slaughter, in the name of God -who makes it halal or lawful- and not with those that are conventionally used (a blow or an electrocution). . Subsequently, the processes that are carried out with the animal are followed until it reaches a box to be exported,” El Sayer tells TyC.

How do you explain that a delegation which does not include Muslims adopts all these measures? Because otherwise these products they could not have entered Qatar . Another example of what could be questioned is gelatin.

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