Eduardo Berizzo launches against FIFA for the refusal of clubs to abandon the selected: “The treatment is partial and unfair”

Eduardo Berizzo launches against FIFA for the refusal of clubs to abandon the selected: “The treatment is partial and unfair”

The national team coach has spoken about Blackburn and Kortijk’s decision not to allow Ben Brereton and Nayel Mehssatou to take part in the friendlies against Poland and Slovakia.

As World Cup qualifying teams prepare for their friendlies to better face the tournament, the Reds are focused on projecting their players for the upcoming Qualifiers.

For the same reason, the Everybody team will face Poland tomorrow and then continue against Slovakia. Facing the opener, Argentina coach Eduardo Berizzo spoke about Blackburn and Kortijk’s refusal to prevent Ben Brereton and Nayel Mehssatou from adding minutes.

On the latter, the DT criticized the rules that allow it. “The main reaction or sensation when receiving them is differential processing “, he said at a press conference.

Among the teams that play the same match, some can count, protected by FIFA legislation, with their players and others not, this seems to me a totally imposing measure “, He continued.

“We will solve it. We have more players on the list and these things are planned, but we want to stress that we will face a team that has all its players because FIFA decides so and else go, FIFA also decided that for teams that were not ranked, clubs had the power to assign their players or not and faced with a game that gives the chances and the treatment becomes biased and unfair. “, he launched in his complaint.

Given this, he will seek solutions with the same members of the payroll. “The idea is to solve it with the footballers who are already there. The appeal was wider, the number of footballers is sufficient, i hope nothing happens from tomorrow and if it happens and there is another victim we may have to think about reacting but initially not ”.

Regarding the duel against Poland, he warned that they will face a team “who have changed the way they play in recent games. Now use a 5-3-2. A physically very fast team in transition, however. They move with great speed. They protect themselves with a line of five on the sides. It’s a team that has very good attacking midfielders, with very good attackers. . They are in a period close to a World Cup and that is perhaps the main difference today with us that we are living a new process and building a team”.

“It will be a game of correct use of the ball. We’re going to have to have possession with a lot of the ball, protect ourselves from losses that push us to run towards our goal, find the game from one side to the other, with speed, find the backhands of this line of five, but generate a very solid inner game. . The idea is to bring together footballers who use the ball very well and that will be our game plan for tomorrow,” he added.

In turn, he said that with these friendlies they will try to find “a core of stable footballers with a lot of performance inclusion depending on the moment. Faced with this FIFA date we had many victims, many injuries. My idea is not to stay in what is happening, but to find answers and solutions. It forces us to imagine young people who can co-exist and mix very well with our more experienced players. Of course, you have to find some stability . Normally 14 players repeat, as they are the base of the selection. The rest obeys the news they have in their club.

It’s good to see footballers who come for the first time or who repeat, but with little presence in the national team while they are part of this 14, who are on board and if, in the face of March, have a deep and exact idea of ​​all the footballers who have passed through our hands including the Sub 23 footballers. Many have come and my idea is that they are very close to making the adult team,” he continued.

“I want to attack as long as possible and for my team to be made up of players who combine very well. The test must help us to use the ball against a team five days before playing the World Cup and we must find a lot of sensations in the face of this idea of ​​the game”, he deepened.

He also appreciated the contribution that young players can make to the collective game. “Both Lucas (Assadi) and Diego (Valencia)… They are all footballers who had a good time at their club. (Guillermo) Soto finished the Argentine championship very well, Lucas and Darío (Osorio) took charge of a team at a difficult time and showed that they had a case to be there . The same Diego, the same Felipe Mendez. All the young people who are added to the team. Everyone was very good in their team and that brings you to the national team”.

“They can bring youth, that fresh blood, the energy that every team needs with the wisdom of experienced people. A lot of young people will be the ones who will make up that team,” concluded Eduardo Berizzo.

The duel between Chile and Poland is scheduled for this Wednesday, November 16, from 2:00 p.m. in Chile.

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