Viterbese, Pesoli: “This race is perfect”

Viterbese, Pesoli: “This race is perfect”

Mister Pesolitechnician Viterbeseon the eve of the cup match said: “I found a very enthusiastic team, guys who welcomed me and were available trying to interpret my testimony. In recent days, I have not been able to provide information other than what they know. these two days of training. The more experienced have already experienced these moments, as well as your humble one. There may be fears, but we are far from the end of the championship and this team has an important growth in its ropes. For me, it is strong and it would be a shame not to revive the low morale spirit, that’s what the Cup is for. To give continuity to those who have found less place in the championship and restore enthusiasm in a clearly discouraging situation. Winning helps win and this match is perfect. .”

Source: Tutto Mercato Web

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