Orenburg president said how much his club was willing to pay for players last summer

Orenburg president said how much his club was willing to pay for players last summer

President “Orenburg” Vasily Eremyakin in an interview with said that the budget for the summer transfer campaign is around 250 million rubles, while the club is ready to pay no more than 1-1.5 million euros for a player.

Orenburg returned to MIR RPL after last season’s results. After 17 rounds of the Russian Championship, the team has scored 25 points and ranks seventh in the standings.

– The maximum that Orenburg is ready to pay for a player?

– If we use all our abilities, then with all the associated costs – with agency, raising – if the player is worth it, then in a single option we can negotiate between 1 and 1.5 million euros .

– What was the transfer budget for the summer?

– As I said, they first focused on Russian players, foreigners who had previously played in the RPL. It’s 300-400 thousand euros per player. We started from a budget of 150-200 million rubles, but when we entered the Premier League, we recalculated and realized that we could increase it more or less up to 250 million without risking the club. And the exchange rate became a big plus for us – we managed to pay foreigners at the rate of about 56 rubles per dollar / euro.

– How did you transfer funds to foreign clubs?

– It was not easy. But let it remain our secret.

– Have the new RPL contracts with sponsors contributed to an increase in the cost of players?

– Yes. We thought these league funds would keep us out of debt after the transfer campaign. “Orenburg” pursues an economic policy in everything, we are absolutely stable. I arrived at the club in May 2020, I understood its economic situation and I understood: there are problems, the situation is difficult. At the end of November, we were able to stabilize the situation and since then, twice a month, on strictly fixed days, we pay an advance and a salary. We make punctual payments of salaries, bonuses – there has never been a delay.

– Do you want to reveal Orenburg’s budget?

– I will say one thing: there is not much money. The budget is known to RPL. Therefore, we live within our means and will continue to do so. We will strive to earn more and cover the rising costs inevitable in modern realities.

Source : MatchTV

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