Vasco presses, but draws with Guarani in Série B of the Brasileirão

In the eighth round dispute, Vasco entered the field to try to get closer to the leaders of the competition, but he did not do well in the search for victory.

This Thursday, the 19th, the Vasco entered the field to play in the eighth round of the Brasileirão in Serie B and faced the Guaraniwho had to play in manaus. Even with the support of most fans, the carioca club faced difficulties again, only ended in a zero-zero tie and reached third place, with 14 points.


At the beginning of the first half, Vasco tried to print a strong rhythm in the attacking field, but had difficulties in creating plays. At 14 minutes, Bruno Nazário complained about a penalty and saw the referee order to continue. In answer, Julio Cesar sent a bomb, stopped at the incredible defense of Thiago Rodrigues and almost scored for Bugre.


Excited with the danger move, the Guarani insisted on the attack field. At 17 minutes, Diogo Mateus risked a shot and saw the Vasco goalkeeper shine once again. At 34, Andrey gave the answer to the cariocas, but stopped at the appointment. At 39, Giovanni Augusto came face to face with Bugre’s shirt and hit the post. On the rebound, Thiago Rodrigues made another save. Interval!

In the second stage, Vasco returned more focused and created a good chance of scoring. At three minutes, Gabriel Dias played for Figueiredowhich filled the foot, but Kozlinski made a great save. At 11, raniel was the one who appeared in the attack and tried to open the score for the carioca team. However, the move only scared Bugre’s meta. Nothing done!

Vasco played in the eighth round of Serie B (Credit: Broadcast Premiere – 05/19/2022)

Still dreaming of winning the Serie B round, Vasco had to hold back Guarani’s good moves. At 18 minutes, Diogo Mateus appeared again and hit the net from the outside. at 40, Gabriel Pec had the best chance but saw Kozlinski shine. At 46, Gabriel Dias also stopped at the goalkeeper. 0 to 0. End of story!

Source: sportbuzz

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