What are the World Cup titles of the Brazilian National Team?

What are the World Cup titles of the Brazilian National Team?

With little time left for the start of the World Cup, Athletistic brings you a list of the five achievements that the Brazilian National Team has in the competition

Two days before the start of World Cup 2022the anxiety of seeing the Brazilian Team on the field starts shooting. In search of its sixth title, Brazil has already played in seven finals and won five, being the biggest single world champion. However, do you know in which editions Amarelinha won the biggest football competition?

1958 World Cup – Sweden

In 1958, the Brazilian national team sought its first World Cup title in Sweden. After a memorable campaign, the team led by a young striker reached the final against the hosts. Skinat just 17 years old, was the protagonist of the conquest, scoring six goals in the competition, two of which were in the big decision, which ended in a 5-2 victory.

1962 World Cup – Chile

Just two years after the first title, Amarelinha returned to shine and won the second championship in Chile. In this edition, the big name of the Selection was Garrincha, who took the lead after Pelé’s muscle injury in the first phase. In an electrifying final against the extinct Czechoslovakia, Brazil lost, but sought the turnaround and lifted the cup, winning 3-1.

1970 World Cup – Mexico

The squad of Brazil in 1970, popularly known as “Esquadrão”, was responsible for the third World Cup in our history. Commanded by Pelé, but full of good players like Jairzinho🇧🇷 dime and company, the Brazilian team became the first three-time world champion. by the hands of Carlos Alberto Torresthe eternal captain, the nostalgic cup Jules Rimet was raised a third time.

In 2022, Brazil won its fifth and last World Cup title (Credit: Getty Images)

1994 World Cup – United States

Twenty four years after the third title, Brazil returned to the top of the world in football. With the command of Romário and baby in attack, the Brazilian team had a campaign that suffered, but crowned with an emotional final against Italy. Decided on penalties, the 1994 World Cup will forever be remembered for the penalty taken by the Italian Roberto Baggiowhich was far from the goal, and by the screams of “It’s tetra!”, eternalized by Galvão Bueno🇧🇷

2002 World Cup – Japan/South Korea

Finally, the last Brazilian conquest of the World Cup was in 2002, when the competition was held in Japan and South Korea. With an irreparable campaign and 100% success, the team defeated Germany in the grand final, by 2-0. Ronaldo Phenomenonwho immortalized the achievement with his iconic “smudge” haircut.

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