Vicenza, Modesto: “Cappelletti is not at the top yet, Pasini will play tomorrow”

Vicenza, Modesto: “Cappelletti is not at the top yet, Pasini will play tomorrow”

Francesco Modesto, manager of Vicenza, approaches Triestina with a last-minute rejection: “Time is always limited because we play every three days. In the Cup we used all the players we had between the championship and the Cup. players are better. Jimenez suffered a bad ankle sprain after being booked and he won’t be there. It’s a pity he dropped out, but he did not survive, everyone else, except for Padella and Zonta, is there. During the trip, another unexpected event happened, with an accident that delayed us for a long time and we returned at four in the morning. Someone was tired after the match, but I think that they will recover well for the match. There are so many losses in these matches. Cappelletti has recently recovered, he is not 100% yet, until he can return to the start. I rely on him, little by little he should return to his best form. I can say that Pasini is playing. Everyone surprised me, everyone has been for a long time. His task is to pass the round. We all strived for qualification together. We were brave and never gave up. Residents of Vicenza expect courage and determination from the team. Ovishach? Looking back at the match, I think he had some difficulties, he is an amateur, but he has a lot of strength and he played a very important game on penalties. I have to be consistent with my team and I don’t think I’ll leave anyone out. Dalmonte is a very versatile player for me, he is a versatile player, he has quality, speed and ringworm. He had a few small problems during the week, today he finished the finishing work and is now free. He returns it

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